BesoVida, The Almighty Utensil For Everything Kitchen

Prepare, cook and serve with 100% food grade silicone container. Reusable, recyclable, and toxin free.
  • Double Set

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    February 2020
  • Double Jumbo Set

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    February 2020
  • Triple Set

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    February 2020
  • Jurassic Dinosaur Learning Plate

    USD $23
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    February 2020
  • Spoon

    USD $6
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    February 2020
  • Fork

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    February 2020
  • One Small

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    February 2020
  • One Medium

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    February 2020
  • One Large

    USD $29
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    February 2020

Isn't it annoying that making your own meals always involve having to deal with tons of dirty dishes, cookware, and plates piling up in the sink?

Designed for lazy people, BesoVida is here to redefine what a container is capable of. 


Food safe, heat safe, super safe. BesoVida does it all with food-grade silicone material. Prepare, cook and serve your food all in one container. Bowl in a bowl design offers minimal footprint, maximal capacity.


  • BesoVida vs Everyday Kitchenware

We've picked some of the most used kitchenware in everyday household and put them head to head with BesoVida to see how they fare, and here's the result.

Ultimately, buying less stuff is saving more. That's why we created BesoVida, to help you take on several roles in the kitchen with just one set of utensil.

  • Living That Plastic Free Life

Made entirely out of silicone and nothing else. Silicone is recyclable, once it reaches the end of its life cycle, silicone can simply be incinerated and converted into harmless ingredients like silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.


  • Hasta La Vista, Takeout Containers

Every year, more than 100 million tons of container and packaging waste are generated in the U.S alone.

Saving planet Earth ain’t gonna be easy, but bringing your own food container is. Together, let’s minimize the use of plastic material and make Earth healthy again. 

Thanks to the versatility of the silicone material, BesoVida can withstand the most critical conditions, we’re talking -22°F (-30°C) to 392°F (200°C). So you can go ahead and heat it, freeze it, cook it and serve with it.

  • Oven Safe

Withstand up to 392°F (200°C), BesoVida can really take a heat. But don’t grill it though(or making direct contact with fire or heat source), it’s not Adamantium.

  • Microwave Safe

BesoVida contains no metal, hence it's entirely safe to use in the microwave. Simply remove the lid and you're all set. Making office snacks has never been easier.

  • Freezer Safe

BesoVida can survive under the most extreme temperature, -22°F (-30°C) to be exact. You can count on it to preserve your favorite dishes.

  • Dishwasher / Dryer Safe

BesoVida is heat and impact resistant. Just throw 'em into the dishwasher / dryer after use, they'll come out just as new.

  • Food Grade Silicone

It’s free of BPA / BPS / Lead / PVC and other harmful chemicals, so rest assured that your food is gonna be alright with our container.

Click here to see the material test reports.

  • Acid / Alkaline Resistant 

One of the perks of silicone is its low reaction to chemicals. Fill in whatever food you desire, BesoVida can shake it off with a swipe of a cloth.

  • Antimicrobial Mixture

Forget to clean your bowl? Worry not, the silicone material is mixed with Japanese ionic silver particle to provide superior antimicrobial property, reducing 99.99% of bacterial growth.

  • Watertight Leak Proof Lid

Once the lid is fully closed, shake it all you want, nothing’s coming out. 

  • Steam Vent Hole

We made a tiny vent hole on the lid to allow hot air to escape, preventing food from softening and keep hot liquid from splashing.

  • Heat Insulated Base

We've thickened the wall of the bowl to provide better heat insulation. You can pour in hot liquid without having to worry about getting scalded.

  • Non-Stick Surface

Your regular rubber / silicone containers are prone to sticking hair and tiny debris. With the antistatic treatment in the production process, cleaning can be spotless. Water droplets would roll like it's been repelled by the surface.


  • Perfect Curvature

Not just for aesthetic purposes, the bowl's ergonomic curvature fits in your palm like it’s meant to be there. The rubbery texture offers a secure grip.

  • Easy Scooping / Just Swipe To Clean

No escape for food residue, no corners are left out. The inward curvature makes it effortless to reach content anywhere in the bowl.

  • Bowl In A Bowl

Purposely designed to fit into one another like a Матрёшка, Russian doll, BesoVida takes up minimal space while offering maximum capacity.

  • Multiply The Fun

Food tastes better when it's shared together. Invite friends over and enjoy the meal with BesoVida the container.

  • The Cutlery

For those who want to go an extra mile with silicone, we offer add-on silicone cutlery including a spoon and fork. The weighted tableware provides a balanced feel, the fat handle offers outstanding grip and comfort.




  • Minimalist At Its Finest 

From its color scheme, design to functionality, everything about BesoVida screams minimalist. It’s made to complement all styles of interior design, breaking the stereotypes of what a food container is supposed to look like. It's the perfect utensil for any scenario. 

  • Color Options